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Master Psychic Lori Founder and Owner Talk Communications

Master Psychic Lori
Founder and Owner
Talk Communications

Greetings! Our Psychic Network is currently recruiting top Psychics, Mediums and Tarot Masters to work on our busy, nationally advertised telephone network. Our clients depend on us to provide them with high-quality, compassionate readings that make a big difference in their lives.

Are you a talented, experienced intuitive advisor? If so, we want to talk to you. With over 20 years in the business of providing intuitive staffing, I know what you need to be happy and successful as a remote psychic.

Discover the Difference: This network is owned and operated by actual psychics, like myself! We have busy lines and offer some of the top pay in the industry. More important, we treat each of our readers with the respect they deserve. Afterall, our experts are the most important part of our business!

If you’re interested in finding out what its like to work with the best, please use the form on the right to register. A member of my psychic-recruiting team will be in touch with you soon to discuss the opportunity to work on our top-rated Telephone Psychic Network.

Join Our Team & Discover the Difference!

We respect our experts, offer great pay with weekly checks, and keep our great readers busy with lots of calls! Fill out the contact form to find out more.


Here's what our experts have to say about us...

"This is a rewarding place to work, as the owner does readings herself so she knows full well how best to serve our callers. This network has respect for you and the clients, and has created a very safe space for honesty."
- Juniper Rose

"I adore traveling and learning about different cultures, and TalkPsychic clients teach me so much about this world we live in. I'm really blessed to work for a company that has such interesting, intelligent and fascinating clients! "
- Jullielle

"I really love how warm and professional everyone at the company. That, and I love being able to talk to people from far away places and all walks of life over the phone! It’s really cool. "
- Rowan

"My experiences with everyone at the network has been universally positive. Everyone has been cordial, professional and very considerate. This speaks volumes. The interactions and positive energy I have encountered have been great. I enjoy being in a place where everything runs so very smoothly. "
- Kenton Morgan

"I love meeting new energy and talking to people who are like minded. We have some great people who call in and there is never a bad reading."
- Empress Sage